Monday, September 17, 2012

Things I'm Doing Right

So lately I’ve been a bit hard on myself about not eating “better” and not exercising more and not buying that organic thing or that natural product. I’m telling ya! The more you read about all the nasty gross things in EVERYTHING the more frustrating it gets to eat healthy! Because even though I try to incorporate all sorts of fruits and vegetables, most of them have been sprayed with so many pesticides I might just keel over and die from one bite! Really? Really! Okay, so that’s just the mood I was in. A bit dramatic. Then after a chat with my sister I decided I needed to focus on the healthy stuff I AM doing. Right now. The stuff that fits into my lifestyle and the stuff that I can afford. There are so very very many  ways to improve your health. It’s totally a ladder. One can always climb higher and be healthier. It’s a process. Every healthy decision I make is one step closer to the ultimate diet! (I wish…) But truly. Here is my list of the things I do “right”. For me. And my family. Everyone is going to be different and able to do different healthy things. I needed to write this list to focus on the positive and not get bogged down with the negative. I would love to hear your “little” ideas of being healthy!

· Drinking lemon water every day
· Eating so much less bread (but experimenting on sourdough...)
· Switching to whole wheat tortillas
· Switching to whole wheat and vegetable pasta
· Using sucanat in baked goods
· Using stevia for sugar whenever possible
· Baking with more almond flour and other “healthier” flours
· Drinking raspberry leaf tea and green tea chai everyday
· Only using “real salt”
· Eating TWO vegetables for supper instead of ONE (oh BOY!)
· Throwing in extra spices
· Only baking with whole wheat flour
· Making more snacks and not buying as many
· Taking my vitamins daily (more on that later)
· Using coconut oil in baked goods (totally works in place of Crisco)
· Drinking only purified water (should be obvious but lots of people don't!)
· Incorporating lots of berries into our everyday diet (fresh picked in Minnesota!)
· Eating more beans
· Eating more alfalfa sprouts
· Drinking my “greens” every day
· Cooking with lots of onions and garlic

That’s my list so far. I’m not a saint at all of these...I definitely have my weak moments, but for the most part I’m pretty good at doing the majority of these all or most of the time. Little by little I will get better! I would truly love to know what you do as part of your regular diet that is super healthy. I’m always looking for little ways that make up the big picture of health!

Bethany :)


  1. You are doing a great job! Better than me after all these years. Thanks for the inspiration. :)


  2. Great job focusing and listing ALL the positive steps you are already doing to be healthy!!! My best friend (hubby) reminded me that God is able to orchestrate our health WITHOUT all our help, with herbs, vitamins, etc. etc., which is important to remember as the Devil loves to try to turn anything into an idol; even the search for better health & healthier food. I'm finding it important to ask the Lord to bless the decisions I make to eat healthier and to bless the ingredients themselves.

    Some recent changes we've made as a family to eat healthier:
    -eating only fresh fruits and veggies or nuts as snacks (often it was crackers or cereal because of convenience) and these take on a variety of forms: almonds & raisins, apples, applesauce, dried apples, frozen berries or bananas, yogurt smoothies w/ berries & greens, canned peaches, carrots & peanut butter, weekly fresh fruit (what's on sale)and sunflower seeds.
    -reducing bacon and meat intake and increasing salads and veggies at meals.
    -grinding own whole wheat flour and baking our own fresh bread.
    -making homemade yogurt and eating more homemade soups made from homemade stock.

    There are SO many more things I wish to change but it's a process....
    You are a great inspiration, Beth!!
    :-) Sister Deb

    1. You were the inspiration behind this post, you know that, right? :) I think because we were talking about how insanely obsessed you can get with this topic. But is God who sustains us and we are just his humble stewards who should simply do the best we can with what HE has given us. Oh man. Now I want to write a post on our body's being temples and how that can tie in...wanna write a guest post for me?? ;) Jk.


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