Sunday, September 16, 2012

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

(You are welcome for this very up close and personal look at my toilet...) :)

I absolutely love my homemade toilet bowl cleaner! Weird, yes, but least you can assume I have a clean toilet! Jk. But truly, this stuff really keeps my toilet clean. I've never had an issue with rings or anything. Keeps 'er all sparkly clean like. :) The only problem I currently have is not having the proper container to put it in. My other "perfect" bottle got left behind in Minnesota when we moved back home. It was some sort of Seventh Generation bottle with a squirt lid. So now I'm on the hunt for a new perfect bottle.

Toilet Bowl Cleaner

3 C. Baking soda--whitens and cleans
2 C. Water
3 tsp. Castile soap--cleans
15 drops Tea Tree--disinfects, kills germs, etc.

Mix everything's really quite simple! I found it easiest to mix it in a bowl and then use a funnel to put it into that perfect-container-that-I-now-no-longer-have. 

The only little quirk is you must make sure to SHAKE IT before using. All the baking soda tends to sink to the bottom. So do a quick little shakey/jig/dance move and it should be good to go!


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