Monday, October 15, 2012

Pallet Shelves!!!

For about a month now, I've had my eye on those Pinterest "Pallet Shelves". Have you seen them?? They are amazing. I saw them and just melted. Truly. I'm that simple to please. 

Thanks to my father I really actually LOVE hardware stores...
so many fun treasures there. And free popcorn. 

Next day...I went up to my boss and asked if I could have any old pallets that weren't being used. Sure thing...have as many as you need! Oh BOY. I was giddy beyond belief. FREE PALLETS. Haha.  

Here is my treasure trove of pallets I brought home...

There are 5 of them there, one is just hiding. 

Yesterday was the most gorgeous fall day EVER. My friend, Sarah, came over and we tackled those pallets like you wouldn't believe. And we even learned a thing or two! Like...there actually is a science behind staining. Ha! Who knew? We learned that in order for stain to look its best one must wipe off the stain after painting it on. So weird. And stain is not the same color as what is on the little label. Oops. We also learned that my husband owns an electric saw. We learned that AFTER Sarah was a warrior and cut her pallet down with a tree saw. Oh goodness. Great memories. Oh yea...and my husband rocks at using an electric saw. :)

I'm telling ya, though! After all the craziness I love my shelves even more. And on the next nice day we are going to finish the rest of the pallets. So excited.

This was the original stain I bought. I had no idea it was going to be that dark. I sorta freaked out here and just stared at my little shelf for awhile. Sarah decided she wanted a lighter color so we took another trip to the hardware store. 

Oh. Apparently if you want a lighter color of stain and have already painted it can't just stain over it with a lighter color. Huh. So said the man at the hardware store who thought we were nuts. Like I said, we learned a lot! 

This is the finished shelf number one. It's growing on me...

This is my beautiful second shelf that I made after my husband
told me you actually have to wipe the stain off. Looks
soooo much better!!!

Here they are as a set. Love them!

So in the end, I stained the second one in the proper manner which looks great. The first one, since I'm lazy, I left dark, but lightly sanded it off in places so the two look pretty close now. 

Haha, after all that work isn't it great how I don't even have them hanging on the wall? Yup. Not going to happen until we move cuz we don't have any wall space for my lovelies. 

For my next set I think I'm going to try a lighter stain. Just for fun. :)

Your turn! Go find some pallets and get cracking! 


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  1. Lol -- love your comment about learning to love hardware stores from your Dad.



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