Monday, October 22, 2012

Pumpkin Tree!

For kicks and giggles I want to share my most recent floral find with you. This little "thing" made my day. 

On their weekly special sheet the company I order flowers from had something called a Pumpkin Tree. Totally curious, I ordered it. It's my newest favorite "flower"! So much fun to design with. I honestly thought that it had to be some crazy hybrid between a tomato and a pumpkin or something weird like that. But come to find out it is actually related to the eggplant family and originated in Asia where they eat it. Sadly I can't eat my version since I'm sure they've sprayed it with who-knows-what, but otherwise I would totally try it!

Isn't it cute?! Happy fall! Hope it made you smile!

Bethany :)

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