Sunday, November 11, 2012

That Something

I wrote this waaaay back when I was surrounded by a lot of people who did not believe in God. I really couldn't believe how shallow their lives were. But they thought they were doing just fine going on their drinking binges and sleeping made me so very unbelievably thankful that I had God and had something more to live for! It just breaks my heart for others not to have the hope I have. And at the time it really reiterated in my mind how vital that connection is with our own reason for life doesn't get skewed. It's not for our own personal happiness. It's not to have all the pretty things in life. It's not to be cool. It's not to have lots of friends. It's that Something called Jesus Christ. And that other Something that goes along with it...the Great Commission. To go out into the world and preach the gospel. May we all remember that Something we believe in. 

That Something

Everyone believes in Something;
Whether God, themselves, or things.
The reason:
Everyone needs a reason to live
May that be spiritual, emotional, physical.
We need hope,
We need love,
We need a reason.
A reason to live
To die
To love
To hope
To fear
To believe
To believe there is a purpose in life
To believe there is a reason we’re here
Believe there is a plan
Believe there’s something more;
We all need that something.

Bethany :)

Copyright 2012 By Bethany Kay McGough. Originally completed in 2004.

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