Saturday, December 15, 2012

Bridal Bouquets

This is one of the very first bridal bouquets I ever did. It was not even for a real wedding, just a practice bouquet. I love the cage it's in. Makes it very modern looking.
  • Style: Handtied
  • Colors: White & Green
  • Flowers: Asiatic Lilies, Phalaenopsis Orchids, Carnations, Hypericum,Tree Fern, Lily Grass

This one is for a bold bride who likes to stand out and do things a little different. The gerbera daisies are definitely a young and chic flower white the dahlias and roses are more timeless which make for an interesting combination.

  • Style: Handtied
  • Colors: Orange & Yellow
  • Flowers: Dahlias, Roses, Gerbera Daisies, Green Pitt
  • Accents: Gemstones 


To add a little interest to this otherwise very simple bouquet I took some regular rose petals, rolled them and inserted them into the bouquet. Daisies and spray roses are very vintage flowers but with the added rolled petals gives this bouquet a unique look

  • Style: Round in foam handle
  • Colors: White, Pink, Red & Orange
  • Flowers: Daisies, Spray Rose, Twirled Rose Petals

This is for the bride who likes to stick with very traditional flowers. One can't get much more traditional than carnations, roses and baby's breath!

  • Style: Handtied
  • Colors: White and light pink
  • Flowers: Roses, Carnations, Baby's Breath and Pitt


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