Monday, May 27, 2013

Male Tincture

Here is the tincture that James take every morning. Please see this post for more details on tincture making and see this post on how I specifically make my tinctures. The dosage is the same...I give him about 1 teaspoon in a little glass of water with breakfast in the morning. 

Now, I did change this a little from my original version because I used to add saw palmetto but I read somewhere that saw palmetto doesn't do as well in tinctures. Not sure if that is true or not, but I decided to take it out and put it in capsules instead. Plus it tastes bad so James is happier. :) 

1/2 cup ginkgo leaves
1/2 cup nettle 
1/3 cup milk thistle seeds
1/2 cup horsetail
1/2 cup eleuthero root
1/3 cup peppermint or rose hips

Basic concept as before: place in a quart sized jar, fill with vodka, let it sit for 2-6 weeks, strain off and use! 

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Brief overview of why these herbs are in here:
  • Ginkgo
    • Feeds the brain and helps with memory
    • Increases circulation
    • Anti-inflammatory
    • Helps with eyesight
  • Nettle
    • High in calcium, potassium, silicic acid, iron and vitamin c
    • High in flavonoids
    • Encourages waste elimination
    • Helps kidney function
    • Detoxifies and cleanses
    • Encourages hair growth
    • Acts as a blood purifier
    • High in chlorophyll
    • Helps the prostrate
  • Milk Thistle
    • Heals and protects the liver
    • Anti-depressant
    • Anti-aging
  • Horsetail
    • Encourages hair growth
    • Repairs connective tissue
    • Great for the eyes and ears
    • Helps with the prostrate
    • Helps kidney function
  • Eleuthero Root
    • Stimulates resistance to stress and acts as a general tonic
    • Is an adaptogen
    • Boosts the immune system
    • Increases energy
    • Helps with the memory
    • Fights depression
  • Peppermint or Rose Hips (just depending on what I have!)
    • Peppermint aids digestion and is full of random goodness
    • Rose Hips are full of vitamin C


In order to protect myself from people who might take any information I have written out of context or use it in any way I do not intend...I must say the following: I am NOT a doctor. I take no responsibility for what you do or not do with any information I have written. My opinions and writings should not take the place of a  doctor...consult one of those if you need medical advice. Pretty much...please use common sense and I strongly suggest you do your own research as well. It's empowering!

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