Monday, June 17, 2013

Calypso Orchid

I'm currently having a slight obsession with orchids. Previously I had an african violet obsession, but since they haven't liked the last two houses I've lived in, they pretty much all died. All 12-14 of them. Told ya it was an obsession. The orchids haven't gotten quite THAT out of control since they are a bit more spendy...

When I found out that Alaska has wild orchids I nearly burst with excitement! And then when I actually FOUND the husband came home to a slightly crazed woman (in a good way...I hope...) I've photographed them twice now, but sadly I'm not too good with this camera yet and I'm not totally happy with the pictures. Hopefully tomorrow I can go out again, but they might be done blooming for the season which might actually make me cry. We shall see. :)

So far I've only found them in one the college campus.
I almost walked right past this huge clump of them.
They are just super delicate and grow up out of the moss.
For the most part they seem to grow in clumps,
but once in awhile there will be a loner.

Mmmm Mmm! Aren't they just incredible? I can't get enough of them! 
They are totally different from any orchid I have ever seen

The only unfortunate part...holy cow were the mosquitos bad!!!
I stayed as long as I could take it...and that was with long pants, 

a long shirt AND bug spray.

I just really hope I can find some more tomorrow. But last week when I was there they were already starting to fade. They have about a month long bloom cycle it seems and I'm pushing that time...

On the positive side...I FOUND WILD ORCHIDS! :) And I live in crazy is that?!


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