Tuesday, July 23, 2013


So every time I went into town this spring I would see these beautiful iris! The only problem was they were in the ditch of a busy highway. I was craving a photo op with those babies and I couldn't get to them! Finally I went on a little drive and found some on the side of the road. Oh happy day. :) Then I found a bunch more a week or so later when Buddy and I went on a little drive to hunt for blueberries. 

To tell you the truth I'm not sure if they are originally a wildflower up here, or if they were brought in a long time ago and have just spread. But either way I'm in love and they make me happy.

Ha! Now I bet you are imagining a beautiful and tranquil lake where I'm just lazily taking photos with not a care in the world. Well I'll tell you what! I was in severe agony and snapping pictures like a crazed woman cuz I was getting eaten alive by mosquitos! Yup. One thing people got right in their information about Alaska was how bad the skeeters are. Dang. 

The Iris still made me happy, though. And then I saw a moose! Which is always fun for me. More on that another day. :)


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