Friday, July 12, 2013

New House Continued

 Ahh, house is all cleaned, dehydrator is running with rhubarb leather in it, Dog is walked and happy so I can sit down and show ya'll some of my house pictures. 

We'll just go on a little virtual tour here...

Guess what?! This is my house! A little plain. BUT...if you notice my cute little garden growing. :) I have a pumpkin, carrots, bell pepper, calendula and herbs all stuffed in that space! And in the corner by the door is my happy place. A little basket of flowers. :)

Kitchen...that is very white...this could be good or bad. Good side...makes me want to clean it! Bad OCD can sometimes kick in...

Here's that lovely fireplace...with my interesting green dining room wall with the weird looking bird house border. I apparently like to live in houses where the previous owners loved birds. Nothing wrong with birds...but just saying that my last house had hideous bird condos.

Guest room and guest bathroom. Notice that if you come stay with me you maaaay have to share the bed with some herbs....

The stove that is going to be my best friend in the winter.

The third pile of wood we got going on. James has been
a hard working busy man cutting the trees, bringing it home
and then splitting it all! 

My rhubarb plants! With the lovely over-run dog kennel...

My new washing machine!!! Love it so much.

And my new dryer! Haha. But seriously. That's my dryer. :) 
It hangs in the basement by the wood stove. Along with my husband's work area. That shall remain un-pictured for the time being... :)

The backyard is pretty "wild" looking. There are trees and wild rose bushes on both sides of it....and the grass is pretty much non-existent. Haha I guess that just means we don't have to mow!

And the back porch where the rest of my garden lives. 

Thanks for taking my house tour. :) We really love it. James really really loves it because we finally have room for him to do his hobbies. That makes me happy.


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  1. Hi Bethany,
    Thanks for posting the pictures of your cute house. It really looks very cozy and "pretty" inside!! I love reading your comments. You are so humorous!! Especially in regard to your "dryer". That's an old-fashioned "dryer", you know. That kind has been around for many, many years!!! I've been using that kind of dryer the past couple of weeks--except my "dryer" is outside. It's actually a "dual dryer". It uses both sun and wind to perform its task!! I love it!!!
    I'm glad to see that you have a "garden". Hope you get some good produce!
    Love, Grandma

    1. Grandma! I just saw you posted...Mom mentioned you did. Somehow I missed it. Yes, I love my dryer, too! Mine has to be inside tho, since it rains and snows so much up here. :) So happy you enjoy my blog! Love you

  2. It's a gorgeous house, and you have made it look so homey already. I love your kitchen!! And your tomato plants are quite out-performing mine. Lucky girl! Bet you are loving all the extra space. Nice washing machine :) Is James splitting the wood by hand (as opposed to the machine we used to always rent?) What a guy!

    I'm with Ruth -- can't wait to come visit. :)


    1. Thanks, Mama! Can't wait for you guys to visit. :) And yup, James is splitting the wood by hand. I've been impressed. :)

    2. Oh and PS. My tomato plants may LOOK big...but they are struggling to produce fruit. Not sure why. This is making me very sad.

  3. Lol -- I just figured out I can post immediately if I pick the one with name/URL. I always thought I had to have a URL to do that. Guess not! I will no longer be anonymous....

  4. That is one beautiful wood pile you've got there.

  5. Haha, why thank you! I sense a little sarcasm. Don't you think that's enough for an Alaskan winter??? :) You should see it now. Much more impressive.

  6. Hi Bethany... I just now found this spot, have been wondering about your home... I love it!, especially your kitchen... you can add color w/your little personal touches... It looks like a wonderful place... seen any moose in your 'back yard' yet? So nice to see where you live, and that you have a guest room!! :-)

  7. Thank you! We really like it. Especially the fact that it has a wood stove!!! No, sadly I don't think we will ever see moose in our back yard as it is really fenced in and surrounded by houses. And yes! We have a guest room. :) If you get the itch to see Alaska again, we'd love to have you guys stay with us!


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