Thursday, July 11, 2013

New House!

Well we are finally all moved into our new house...and the internet is finally connected! This is exciting for me! It was quite the ordeal to get internet up here. I'm just thankful we finally have it. Now I can share my adventures, creations and concoctions with ya'll again! 

So the move-in was pretty crazy. Cuz basically my hubs and I did nothing. Just sat back and watched. I have never experienced that before. And boy let me tell you...I loved every second of! Truly. I felt really spoiled and fortunate. It was a really hot day and I felt bad for the guys doing the moving. But we tried to be easy on them and had them put most of our stuff in the garage. 

This is how all our stuff crates and paper and boxes!
Poor stuff has been sitting in these crates for 2 months all by its lonesome!
It was happy to see me. Wait. I was happy to see IT. I LOVE MY BED!!!!! :)

Golly gee wiz did we unwrap alot of paper!!!
The only things that arrived damaged were my garbage can...
looked like someone had sat on it...and my cheese grater. Haha. 
Got all rusty on the trip up. Weird. 

Buddy trying to look all cool and not at all freaked out by
the crazed woman throwing paper and boxes everywhere.

The house itself is a little, uh, boring, on the outside...but the inside is pretty nice. I will take pictures after I clean it tomorrow. Haha. It's quite huge compared to the other two houses James and I have lived in. It actually has stairs and I have to go FIND James to tell him it's dinner time. Again. Weird. But a great kind of weird. :) Oh, and Mom, you should be proud of me. Yes, I do actually go GET my husband and not yell to tell him it's dinner time. :) 

My favorite parts of the house:
  • Has a huge wood stove downstairs
  • And a fireplace upstairs
  • Has a rhubarb plant in the backyard!
  • Has an old dishwasher...but it works! :)
  • Has 3's kinda creepy but it's still awesome.
  • Has a two car garage
  • Has a crazy spice was totally meant for me
  • Has an entryway for dirty man boots
  • AND...the love of my life lives here with me :)


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  1. Glad you guys are finally getting settled!! :)

  2. Hi Bethany, have been wondering about happy to know that you are again connected to the world!! looking forward to seeing where you and James are living up there. Take care to not get too close to the moose! Seeing a moose was always a highlight when we were up there...they were few and far between. Except for the one that was in the middle of the road when we topped a hill, towing our 12,000-lb.+ RV behind us and trying to stop...yikes!

  3. Exciting!! Thanks for the update and pictures, and the laugh about getting James for supper. I am proud of you, lol! Now you can start to really settle in.



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