Friday, August 16, 2013

Botanical Gardens

This will be a picture post. a few words. But mostly pictures. Are you ready??

Honestly the number one reason I went to the Botanical Gardens was to see the giant cabbage. And I was not disappointed. Fun fun!!

All I could think about was how crazy fun it would be to use one of these babies in
some gigantic flower arrangement. 

These stood about waist high on me. Now that's a big cabbage!

The dahlias were gorgeous!!! Most of them were normal sized, but this one was almost as
big as my head. Isn't it terrible that I just itch to pick them and design with them??
No touchy, Bethany!!!!

Loved the color of this one.

Pretty sure I just stood by the sweet peas for a few minutes just to smell them. YUM!

Love the dark colored ones!

How about these funny little berries?? Apparently it's a type of chokecherry.

This delphinium is as tall as I am. These could be used in my big cabbage arrangement
I'm going to make someday. :)

Love sunflowers!!! They just had one little row of them by a tiny patch of different types of
wheat. Kinda funny but cute. 

It's been really rainy and cloudy here the last few days so it was fun looking at these pictures again. I think I will need to look at this post alot during the winter. :)

Have a wonderful weekend!


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