Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Burlap Sunflowers

Well what do we have here?! Yes indeed it's more burlap! Yippee skippee!

It's starting to feel a lot like fall around here. A rainy kind of drizzly fall. A few leaves are starting to change colors already so I'd say it's about time to find some fun fall decor!

Currently my fall decor consists of:

  1. A ceramic pumpkin pie plate (it's awesome)
  2. A scarecrow wall decor
  3. A couple mini ears of corn that have somehow managed to survive several moves.
  4. Some cattails I gathered last year. Oh wait. Those did not survive the move.
And....that's it.

Time to up my fall fun, eh? 

  • Burlap (several colors are fun)
  • Felt (I had two shades of brown plus black)
  • Wide mouth canning jar lids and bands
  • Wood skewers, or small sticks
  • Hot glue gun
  • Scissors

1) First cut your felt into circles that are the size of the canning jar lid. 

Set aside.

2) Then cut the burlap into about 6 inch squares. Mine turned out a little more rectangular. And that's the beauty of these babies. You totally don't have to be a perfectionist. 

You will need two 6 inch squares per flower.

3) Now glue the felt circles to the INSIDE part of the lid. Just like so in the picture.

4) Lay two burlap squares so they lay off kilter and set the lid with the felt right in the middle.

5) Pick all three pieces up together plus the canning jar ring and just slick as can be you will *pop* the pieces into the ring.

You might need to adjust the petals a little. Sometimes if it's not even you might need to pop it back out and readjust the center. 

Now to make a stem I just threaded a wood skewer through the back of it and dabbed a little glue there.

Here is what the back looks like. I didn't worry too much about it looking attractive since the back will remain unseen. If you want the back to be more attractive, maybe cut out a small piece of burlap to glue on top of the skewer.

Check it oooooout!!! You have a sunflower.

 Outside our front door there were these two terribly ugly pot holders. My plan for these babies was to replace them with a lovely fall burlap arrangement.



And after...

So cute! Haha.

Basically to make the arrangements I took two small Styrofoam balls (they were too small but they were all I had...) and hot glued them to the bottom of the pails.

To secure them, since they were too small, I added small stones I had lying around.

Then I just skewered the flowers in and wallah!

Oh wait. Not wallah.

Then I actually covered everything with some lovely moss I gathered.

Oh yes I did.

Alaska has lovely moss. So soft and squishy.

That's another story.

But mossed those babies up I did. And hung them out to dry. Or to just look pretty.

And James didn't even notice.


But I do. And I love them. And they were cheap. And that makes me happy.


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  1. Thanks! They are pretty adorable...the only problem is, now I'm short on canning jar rings! Haha.


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