Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Campin' In The Rain

James and I went on a little camping trip in the back woods of Alaska this past weekend. It was a bit rainy, and a little chilly but oh so beautiful. It is definitely fall around here and the colors are phenomenal. I have never seen colors like here before. 

Getting there was quite the adventure. Let's just say...James and I have gone on a few sketchy drives before but this took the cake. Thank goodness my husband is a really good driver. But still. My heart nearly stopped a time or two. Haha.

But never mind that, let me show you some of the beauty!

Next time I want to camp by this little stream. But we were farther down where James could pan for gold. 

We drove in this stream bed a LOT because the road was impassible. Good times. 

Driving back home we were able to take more pictures since the rain had lessened somewhat. The contrast between the reds, greens, and yellows was incredible. 

Now here is where I'm going to blow your mind. See all that red?? Most of it is from blueberry bushes. Can you even imagine how many blueberries that is?? And that's just one hill...we were surrounded by them. There were also tons of cranberries and mossberries.

There were still blueberries on the bushes which really shocked me. Unfortunately is was so cold and rainy we didn't stay to pick. :( 

Some crazy red plant and a little bitty mossberry. :)

And some fun little yellow ones. 

What really blows me away is how much flora and fauna there is one one small area. I could have taken hundreds of pictures of all the various vegetation. It's just plain cool.

And my handsome hubs wandering the hillside. :)

I. Love. Alaska.


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  1. Glad to hear you enjoyed your weekend. Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Oh, Bethany, thanks for posting these is breathtaking... glad you braved and rain and cold to share this adventure w/us, I would have still been there taking pictures!! :-) ...

  3. Glad you enjoyed them!!! We had to start toughening up in Rapid made us little weaklings! :) Gotta get back to my Montana roots...and then some!

  4. Oh, btw, that last sentence? Remember to come back to this page and re-read on a day when the darkness gets to you. :)


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