Friday, September 20, 2013

Toadstool and Snail Tutorial

We are getting craaaazy around here for fall! Just check out these fun little toadstools! Can you get any cuter?? This is, like, totally Martha Stewart cute! 

Oh wait.

I got this idea from her.

Darn it. Not my original idea.

Oh well!!! I still love 'em. Thank you, Martha Stewart.

And here is how, you too, can be all Martha-y. :)

You will need:

Any conglomeration of pumpkins, gourds and squash will work. Although the butternut squash work the best for the base of the toadstool, and the miniature pumpkins and gourds (or small squash) work best for the snails.

First we will make the toadstools:

There is just something so cute about toadstools and mushrooms. Makes me wanna be a little kid again and play imaginary games.

#1) Cut off the top of the butternut squash to make a flat surface.

#2) Pick a pumpkin for the top of the mushroom and measure where to cut by using the top of the butternut squash.

#3) Trace around it with a marker.

#4) Using a small saw (pocket knife or from a pumpkin carving kit) cut out the top. Obviously my circle skills need a little work. You might have to use a knife first to get the cut going.

#5) Check to see if the butternut squash fits inside the hole, if not, carve it a little bigger. Scoop out the seeds and save for a snack! If you don't want your toadstool to sink down as far, you can leave some of the seeds and goo in. I just wanted them to eat. :)

#6) Insert the butternut squash. And wallah! A toadstool. 

Now we will make the little snails:

#7) You will need a miniature pumpkin and a miniature gourd. I first tried to use a vegetable peeler to cut out the snails shell, but that didn't work so well. Then I tried this little tool on the pocket knife. Worked pretty good. But I'm sure there is a better way...

#8) Once you get the snail shell design done, insert a couple toothpicks into the gourd. I found it useful to use a small nail, pounded in with a spoon, to start the holes.

#9) Give him two little antennae with toothpicks and you have a little critter!

I made a fun little display on my front porch with the little toadstools and snails I made, plus a mason jar filled with wheat.

I've been eyeing those awesome porch displays that have been all over Pinterest. Ya know, the cool ones with old wheelbarrows and such. Well I don't have an old wheelbarrow so I used this basket which had flowers in it this summer. I covered the dirt with moss I gathered and nestled the decorations down in there.

Not quite as glamorous as an old fashioned wheelbarrow, but pretty stinkin' cute nonetheless. 

Have fun and happy soon-to-be-officially-fall!!!


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