Monday, November 18, 2013

Cleaning Thyme All Purpose Spray

Turns bright red from the thyme during
the infusion process.
Sometimes certain "natural" things just make me gag. One of those is vinegar. The smell of any type of vinegar. The taste of apple cider vinegar. And cleaning with vinegar?? You have got to be joking. And I just love how everyone states that the smell will dissipate quickly. Yea. No it doesn't. Maybe after an hour or two. That is not quick. 

But anyway. I am pleased to tell you that I have found a cleaning spray that does include vinegar, but I am able to tolerate the smell (still doesn't mean I want to rub it all over my body or bathe in it...) because of the herbs in it. It is now the only thing I use to clean my bathroom (other than toilet bowl cleaner). Makes cleaning super easy!!!

Cleaning Thyme All Purpose Spray

You will need:

  • Quart jar with plastic lid (see below)
  • 1 cup of dried thyme
  • White vinegar
  • (See variations below for more add-ins)

Dump the thyme into the jar and cover with the vinegar. Stir to incorporate and moisten all of the thyme. Add more vinegar if needed. Screw the lid on and let it steep for 24 hours. Can go longer if you don't have time and/or forget about it. 

After the 24 hours, strain off the herbs using a fine mesh strainer or a towel and rubberband. Squeeze out all the vinegar, discard the herbs. 

Pour the liquid into a spray bottle and you are ready to go clean! I do not dilute mine, but I suppose you could if you would like to stretch it further. One batch of this lasts me roughly a month.

  • Along with the thyme, add some lavender flowers for additional cleaning power and scent. Anywhere from 1/2 cup to 1 cup would be fine.
  • For crazy amazing cleaning power add about 30-50 drops of Thieves essential oil blend to the finished product. (This is my favorite variation especially during cold and flu season.)
  • Feel free to experiment with other essential oils to change up the cleaning power and scent. 

Please note:
The purpose for the plastic lid is because
vinegar can easily rust metal objects.
Rust in a cleaning spray=not good. 
Also bear that in mind for where you spray.
Or just make sure to wipe if off right away!
If you don't have a plastic lid, simply use
a plastic bag to screw in between the
jar and the lid.

Cleaning benefits:

Thyme) Very powerful antiseptic, kills bacteria and fungi, is a antimicrobial, antiviral and disinfectant plus it repels insects

White vinegar) Kills mold and a wide range of bacteria plus breaks down mineral deposits

How to use:
  • As an all purpose bathroom cleaner (toilet rims, floors, shower, bathtub, sink, mirror)
  • Kitchen cleaner for counters, cupboards, etc.
  • Window cleaner
  • To kill mold and mildew (like in showers)
  • On greasy stoves
  • To disinfect cutting boards

Cheers to cleaning products that not only clean but don't cause health problems! 


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