Monday, November 11, 2013


I officially feel like I live in Alaska. Something about the snow that just did it. And I can't tell you how peaceful it was when it snowed. Nothing like where I grew up in Montana. If you were lucky the wind wouldn't blow while snowing, but then you could pretty much guarantee it would be blown into piles by morning. 

The snow here came down in very gentle tiny flakes. And it's still right on the ground where it fell. What a novel experience. Total I'd say we have about 7 inches. I was hoping for two feet. :) 

We had a super busy weekend so I finally was able to get out today and take some pictures. Buddy was in hog heaven! I took him to the place where we picked the cloudberries and he ran around like a fool. 

Action shot! Go dog go! 

James and I are feeling really fortunate because not only did we get to enjoy a long beautiful fall, but the temperatures are still unseasonably warm. I believe the coldest it's been at our house was -7*F. That was one night. Otherwise it's been in the teens and twenties. Yesterday even got up to 30*F. We've been told by many people that it's generally -20*F by now.

The Chena rive by our house

But...lest you feel TOO envious of me, taking these pictures was not a walk on the beach. My thermometer said 3*F. 

Boreal forest where I picked cloudberries in the summer

I'm really hoping that we'll see some aurora borealis soon. Unfortunately we missed an amazing display about 2 weeks ago. I gotta be better about going out and looking!!!

Found a few cranberries still hanging on. Crazy pretty. 

So that's what it looks like around here right now. 

I'm looking forward to seeing lots of snowy moose, auroras, and frosty snowy trees!



  1. Thanks for the update -- Dad will love it. :)

  2. Thanks for the pictures, Bethany! (Dad)


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