Monday, December 9, 2013

Barnwood Frame Door Decor

Yup, still using up barnwood frames my daddy-o made for me ever so long ago. Honestly I love them and am super happy that I can finally put them to use! I was thinking of using some of them for Christmas gifts using the Vintage Photo Frame version. But frankly I'm too selfish and apparently a hoarder. (Not really...I actually take after my mother and occasionally go on rampages of "decluttering"). 

But seriously. I do love them and want some in every some shape or form.

Today we have them in Christmas form. Ya'll maybe remember that I'm not a huge fan of most wreaths. Some are okay. But this here is more my style. A little quirky with a little rustic with a lot of Christmas. :) Ahh I just love it.

You will need:

  • Frame of choice (mine is an 8x10)
  • Cheap wreath hanger
  • Ornament of choice
  • Ribbon
  • Tacks
  • Hot glue gun

1) First prep the wreath hanger by hot glueing ribbon on both the front and back sides. I started on the top at the back and glued in short sections till I wrapped it all the way to the top. Tuck the ends under to give it a more finished look.

2) Next make a little bow and hot glue it to the front.

3) Then tack the ornament in place so it hangs at an appropriate height. 

4) Place the wreath hanger in place and decorate away!

Can you GET any easier?? And super cheap, too! Especially if you already have random picture frames and ornaments that need a makeover.

You can totally make these as simple or as glamorous as you would like. I'm thinking a little sprig of greenery might be a lovely touch. Or some fake berries. 

Hmm...sounds like I need to do a little more digging in my Christmas boxes...

Merry Christmas!!



  1. Hi Bethany,
    Love this "wreath frame" idea of yours. Really unique. I especially like your idea (and instructions) of covering the wreath hanger with colorful ribbon. I've hung a wreath (the old-fashioned, "not-homemade" kind) on our front door. But I didn't fancy it up like you did. I'll have to go to Hobby Lobby or Michael's!! Thanks for the idea. I think your weather is better than ours these days. We got 5 inches of snow on Sunday and our temperature has not been much above zero for the past 3 or 4 days!!! That's cold! I'll write you an e-mail and tell you about our trip to Omaha!!!
    Love you, Grandma

  2. Thanks! Glad you like it. :) And yes, I believe you beat us in the cold weather department. Although it's dropping again and I'm sure it will be negative soon enough...


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