Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Birch Bark Candles--Easy Hostess Gift!

Ooo goody goody gumdrops! I just love Christmas and all the decorating and pretty things. I could just hole up in my craft room and play all day. :)

Check it you think I have enough birch bark to make a few projects???!! I gathered it as it flew off logs that James was chopping for firewood this summer. I call it the The Great Birch Bark Rescue. 

Not really.

But I am pretty excited to have all this lovely bark to make things with. So get ready for lots of birch bark tutorials! 

This first one is super easy...but it makes a great inexpensive hostess gift or home decor for yourself. For a really eye pleasing look, a set of 3 different height candles would be swell.

The ones I've made here are for little party favors for Advent by Candlelight. I'm a hostess for one of the tables and this is what I chose to make for the little gifts. Hopefully people will like them! 

**Please note that birch bark is EXTREMELY flammable 
so burn ONLY when the candle is supervised. 
Or just use as decor. Another option would be to put
tin foil between the candle and the bark.
But even that is not a foolproof option.
The candles should be fine since the candles are the fat
kind that burn a hole in the middle.

You will need:
  • Fat pillar candles
  • Birch bark
  • Bindwire (florists sell it, otherwise use wire or twine)
  • Buttons

1) Take strips of birch bark and wrap around the candle.
2) Holding the bark in place, secure with the bindwire by wrapping tightly around the candle several times.

3) Secure the bindwire by twisting it like a twist tie.
4) Cut the bindwire leaving a little extra to place the buttons on.
5) String on one large button on one side, and two small ones on the other side.
6) Cut the bindwire leaving about an inch to make a little curly-q with.
7) Done!

This does not take very long at all. I whipped out 8 of them in about 1/2 hour. But they look really cute.

I originally wanted to use a tan colored candle, but the store was out of them so I used the red. I guess it makes it more Christmasy.

Enjoy the rustic ambiance of your lovely candle collection...just remember to watch the flame!



  1. If only there were birch trees around the farm country of Nebraska! These are cute -- nice job!

  2. Well Now...this is a really cute idea from a really cute giiirrrlll! Look good too! You are Amaz-za-zing! (Dad)

  3. Well now aren't you just good for an ego boost! :) Thanks daddy-o!

  4. Well now, maybe when you come visit me we can make birch bark projects for you to take home! I have plenty of bark!!! :)


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