Monday, December 16, 2013

Birch Bark Ornaments

I love, love, love themed Christmas trees. Not that my Christmas trees ever looks anything like a picture perfect one, but I still like to *attempt*. 

This year I'm working on an Alaskan themed tree using buttons and birch bark. It started with making a button garland (tutorial coming soon) and finished with these cute little guys. Feel free to make these whatever shape you'd like. Candy canes would be really cute I think.

You will need:

  • Birch bark (flat pieces)
  • Ribbon
  • Buttons
  • Cookie cutter 
  • Glue (hot glue and/or E6000)

1) Start by tracing your chosen shape using a cookie cutter.

2) Cut out the shapes. I honestly was expecting this to be much more difficult considering birch bark is some tough stuff. But it really was not bad at all.

3) Next cut your strips of ribbon and hot glue them into loops.

4) Attach the loops to the back of the birch bark. The hot glue seemed to attach fine on the back, but for an even more secure loop use the E6000.

5) Finally choose your buttons and glue them on with the E6000. Hot glue just peels right off the birch bark.

6) Let them dry and go decorate your tree!

7) I also used a few modern colored buttons that I plan on giving to...well, I just can't say now, can I?? 



  1. Well jeepers...E-6000 is kinda technical! But I do have a tube in the garage! I ended up decorating our tree this year and went with silver bells, silver bells , its Christmas time in the city....ding a ling....hear them ring....oh sorry got carried away by Bing Crosby! (Dad)

  2. Me and E6000 are like you and gorilla glue. No judging!!!!! :)

  3. These are just the cutest in real-life. Thanks so much! Do we get to see a picture of your Alaska-themed tree in its full glory?

  4. WEEELLL....I kinda never got my Alaskan tree up in its full glory. Birch bark ornaments will have to wait for another year.


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