Monday, December 2, 2013

Pallet Box Centerpiece

Ya know when you get a really good idea and you just have to make it, like, yesterday?? Well that's how I felt about this wood box that I had grand plans for. So, like usual, I just jumped in and started making it...without any planning or exactly knowing how it would work.

I already had the pallets ready to go because several weeks ago I had torn apart a few which I wanted to turn into crates. Well then I saw something similar to this box and decided it would be an easier place to start than a big crate.


I will spare you the details but just know that the darn wood was so hard I kept breaking off screw heads, nail heads, and pieces of wood. Finally I got so mad I gave a Tarzan-like bellow and threw the hammer down.

Lovely I know.

And mature.

I just wanted my cool box!!!!! It should not have been that hard to make.

After a few days of cooling my temper down I sweetly mentioned this frustrating project to my husband and he lovingly took it upon himself to finish it for me. 

And man! Even my engineer of a husband had a time with that box. He was down there sweating it took so much effort. But, unlike me, he worked at it very patiently and finished it!!! 

Let me tell ya, I was pretty stoked. I told James that this box will be a treasured heirloom forever and our future children will one day fight over who gets it. 

I don't think he believed me, but trust me. It's cool. And while I'm currently using it for a Christmas centerpiece, it will work for any season.

If you would like to make yourself a super cool wood box centerpiece thingamajig I highly recommend you first find a pallet that is not made of rock.

You will need:

4 boards from a pallet 

I think this is pretty self explanatory, but basically I wanted minimal amount of work so I just used 3 full length pallet boards and then sawed off two little pieces for the ends from a 4th board.

We'll just skip the part where I tried hammering in the nails. James used a clamp to hold the boards together while he drilled the holes and pounded in the nails.

That's pretty much it! Like I said, should NOT have been so hard.

The size ended up being 40 inches long by about 4 inches wide.

Now the decorating part was super fun! 

I used:

  • 5 pint sized wide mouthed mason jars
  • Tealight candles
  • Spruce branches from our trees
  • Pine cones
  • Cinnamon sticks
  • Button Garland (tutorial coming soon)

Arrange everything to your liking, grab a lighter and light those candles and enjoy the romantic ambiance! 



  1. Hard to get a good look with the pic's you posted....I once tried to build something out of pallet wood.(the end). (DAD)

  2. Yes, it was a tad hard to get a picture of this long gangly thing! I will see if I can get a better pic and post it. (Plus my lighting wasn't so good...short daylight and all) :)


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