Saturday, December 21, 2013

Thieves Cleaning Wipes

Been awhile since I've added to my thieves essential oil series. Well I have a good one for you today...especially if you really like Lysol wipes for quick easy clean-ups. Even I, without any children, find myself using them occasionally because of how convenient they are.

Shame shame. 

I have used "healthier" brands as well, but those suckers are so dang expensive!!! I don't love 'em THAT much. Sheesh. 

Well how 'bout making your own?? It's a pretty quick and simple process with only a few ingredients. Plus you can make these two different ways. Either a more green and economical method or the semi-lazy-method-which-gets-no-judgement-here way. :)

You will need: (for the lazy version)

  • 1 roll of paper towels
  • 1 container to house your towels (an old Lysol one works great)
  • 1 cup filtered water
  • 1 tablespoon castile soap
  • 20-30 drops thieves essential oil blend

1) Begin by maybe taking off a few paper towels so the roll will actually fit in your container.

2) Next you will use a serrated knife and cut off a partial chunk of the paper towels to make it the correct height. 

3) Pull out the middle cardboard piece.

4) Right in your container add the water, castile soap and thieves oil. Swirl it around to mix it all together.

5) Immediately insert your paper towels in the container (otherwise the essential oils will separate). 

6) Close the lid and leave it to sit for several hours to overnight so the liquid can fully absorb into the towels.

7) Go clean like a crazy woman on steroids! Or, maybe more appropriately, like a woman who knows her cleaning solutions won't harm her lungs, children's lives, or the universe.

Well, except maybe a few trees.

And there ya have it! Now keep in mind that you may 
need to tweak the amount of water by a few 
tablespoons depending how full your paper towel roll is. 

That brings us to the even more economical version!

Instead of using paper towels, simply cut up any old t-shirts you have lying around just begging for a purpose. Stuff as many as you wish into your container and again, leave it to sit for several hours to overnight. Depending on many rags you stuff in there, you may need to adjust the liquid. 

I have a basket under my sink where all used towels and such go until laundry day. That way, my life isn't spent running back and forth to the laundry basket. 

**If you are unsure of where to purchase essential oils, I have found Mountain Rose Herbs and Garden Essential Oils to be reputable companies.


Please know that I am affiliate of Mountain Rose Herbs & The Bulk Herb Store. If you choose to purchase something through one of my links I will make a nickel or two for which I am grateful.

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