Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Winter Near the Arctic Circle

I thought ya'll might like to see what I'm seeing right now. Winter about 80 miles south of the Arctic Circle. You would think that we'd have more snow than this. (We have maybe 12-16 inches in our yard...I'm terrible at guessing...) Apparently Fairbanks doesn't get as much snow as I was hoping. But, at least we have snow. I just can't get enough of it! So incredibly beautiful.

The sunsets are incredibly gorgeous around here. A very stark contrast between the bright burnt orange and all the white. Unfortunately this does not do the brilliant orange color justice. But it looks amazing against all the white. This is looking at the Denali range from a hill near our house. apparently my computer added virtual snow to this picture and I have no idea how. But it's pretty cool! Haha. This is looking down at Fairbanks. 

Sun's going down! This is about 2:30 PM two weeks ago. We lose about 6 or 7 minutes of daylight per day which is nearly an hour per week. Crazy! Our house is one of those smokey chimneys. :)

View from our living room window. I love all the smoke coming from the chimneys. It's so cozy looking. 

That's the last of the sun we'll see today! Buh bye!



  1. Happy that you are enjoying that loveliness... we've been in the 'deep freeze' here for about a week or so... temps now above 0 again... there were a number of days when the temp didn't get above 0 even during the day time.
    Thanks for the lovely images... Christmas blessings to you and James... hugs.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Thanks for the view into your Alaska winterland.

  3. Thanks for sharing, Bethany. Fantastic views--and the snow actually falling in the one picture is beautiful. Stay warm!

  4. I said roughly an hour...49 minutes to be exact. :) Is that better math?? Never was my strong point!

  5. Thanks, Marilyn! Yea I think you guys had colder weather than we did for awhile there! Now we are back in the negatives...Merry Christmas to you as well!

  6. Glad you enjoyed them. Isn't that picture kinda cool? I need to figure out how it did that on its own!

  7. Now I'm just waiting for those auroras to come out! :)

  8. I thought the virtual snow was hilarious lol


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