Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Button Garland

Super easy project for you button lovers! My mom and little sister gave me this idea. Apparently they had seen something similar at a craft fair but figured it would be pretty easy to make.

Yup, sure enough! Literally takes minutes to make a garland. You only need 2 items.

  • Buttons
  • Wire (I used 22 gauge)


To make it manageable I only made a 3 foot garland, but you can make it any length you wish. I just didn't want it to get all tangled. Feel free to use string, twine, whatever you have. I've also seen them made using paper clips twisted together or the ornament hangers twisted together. The benefit of using wire versus string or twine is that the buttons will stay facing you. Otherwise they flop a bit more.

1) Cut the wire to your desired length.

2) On one end make a small loop and twist the wire around itself so it is secure.

3) Begin threading one button at a time onto the wire. I found it easiest to slide it through the back of one hole all the way to where I wanted it, then poke the wire through a diagonal hole (if it's a 4-hole button).

4) Continue threading on the rest of the buttons, leaving about a 1 inch space between them. 

5) Once you reach the end, simply make another loop with the wire, twisting it securely. This gives you a way to hang the garland.

That's it! Super easy. 

I love the garland because you can use it on the Christmas tree, to decorate a mantel, a ledge, whatever makes you happy. I used it in my rustic pallet box which looked awesome as a table centerpiece. Now it's in my bathroom decorating my pallet shelf. Fun fun!



  1. Lol, since I'm the "mom" in the story, you would think I would already have one of these lovelies in my possession -- but nope, the buttons and jute (was going to try that, but like the idea of wire better) are still sitting on my craft shelf awaiting me to take the time to make. Since I bought Christmas-colored buttons, I guess there's no real rush, right?? Thanks for the motivation! :)

  2. It seriously doesn't take long! Give yourself 10 minutes and you could have one! :) I think it would look love-erly on your wall with all the Americano decor.


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