Tuesday, May 13, 2014


So hopefully by now you've had some time to check out my new redesign and hopefully you are finding it easier to navigate. Basically what I did was move all the "tabs" on the top to the left side bar with pictures. There are now more categories so all my posts should be easier to find because the topics are much more specific. 

The tabs at the top are a bit different, so check them out if you have time. I'd also love feedback on the categories on the left.  It's still a work in progress, so it will get even more organized at time goes by.

My husband and I have been busy seeding our front yard hoping we can get some grass to grow instead of having a dirt yard. We also put together a pallet garden this weekend which I'm super excited about. I will be posting a little tutorial soon in case the intrigues you. It's pretty perfect if you rent and can't have a "real" garden. It's basically like having a raised garden bed. So fun for me! 

Hope it's sunny and beautiful by you like it's been by me. I love Alaska even more every day! 


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