Saturday, August 2, 2014


Well hello, Stranger! Summer's been a wee bit o' busy for me and I fear I have neglected this little ol' blog for awhile. I have not forgotten about ya'll, it's just not been a priority because my priority has been...

Stuffing my face with more s'mores than should be legal.

Picking blueberries, panning for gold, and hanging out with my handsome hubby.

Celebrating my 30th birthday with a murder mystery party.

Soaking up sisterly giggles and love. 

Loving on babies.

And more loving on babies cuz you can never have too much

Celebrating my little sister's wedding.

And that's just a brief overview! Mostly I wanted to check in so you don't forget about me! Once this crazy summer is over I will be back to my regular postings. But hey. In Alaska you have to soak up every minute of sunshine. None of this sitting inside on a computer business! :) Hope you are having a lovely summer. 


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