Saturday, September 6, 2014

Glaciers Galore

One of the highlights of the summer (besides my little sister's wedding) was taking a crazy road trip with my parents and youngest sister who came to visit. 

Here's a little bit of beautiful Alaska....

One of many glaciers we saw. Really, truly incredible. I never fully appreciated glaciers until this trip. 

This one looked like it was flowing which gave it an avalanche appearance. 

This is Exit Glacier down by Seward. Would have loved to hike up closer to it, but we had to keep driving!

This is Matanuska Glacier which we walked on (for a fee). We could only walk so far without the proper gear or a guide. But wow. Crazy stuff walking on a glacier! 

The spires were pretty awesome. We were still quite a ways away from them. 

Love the crazy teal colored ice!

Look at these little darlings! I love me some baby moose!

And a Bald Eagle for fun. :)



  1. I love when you post your pictures... thanks. Marilyn

  2. Beautiful pictures, Bethany! Thanks for sharing. Maybe, we'll come some day and have you give us a special tour. We'll put that on our bucket list!

  3. Glad you enjoyed them! I'm sure Mom has lots more that she could share as well! :) We would love to give a personal tour anytime. :)

  4. Makes me happy that you enjoy them!


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