Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Green and Dark Purple Vintage Wedding

This bride truly had an artsy eye. The combination of flowers was stunning. 

The grooms boutonniere was a simple yet sleek design.

The mothers' corsages were a bit more "foofoo" with feathers and a deep purple bow. 

The trendy bridesmaid bouquets were petite designs perfect for the outdoor setting. 

  • Style: Modern Handtied
  • Colors: Lime Green and Purple
  • Flowers: Green Spider Mums, Deep Purple Dendrobium Orchids, Miniature White Calla lillies & Equisetum
  • Accents: White and Brown Feathers


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  1. What an elegant wedding this must have been. The bouquet and corsages are so beautiful. I just posted on your September 6 blog entry. I hadn't seen it before today.


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