Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Smoky Madness

Let's play a game, shall we? It's called "What Am I"?

Here goes.

It looks like thick fog, smells like a campfire, can be found even inside buildings, has the ability to evacuate people from their homes, it goes where it pleases, turns the sun red, and destroys everything in its path.

What Am I???

Why, hundreds of wildfires of course! 

Poor Alaska is on fire. Tons of which were started by lightning strikes. 

Intermittently we get some super gorgeous clear days but otherwise. even if you are outside for only 10 minutes, you will come in smelling like a campfire. The above picture is looking down our road. 

Poor Fairbanks is there somewhere. Hiding in all that smoke. 

Despite the fact that I'm a little traumatized from an over-excessive amount of rain last year, I'm praying for some this year! 

Here's to a little rain and a few more clear beautiful days.


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