Foraging For Wild Food

This begins a new series that will serve as my personal online journal of sorts for all the wild foods I gather from here on out. Gathering wild foods is a passion of mine and I'm excited to see what I can find. I currently live in Alaska which is new territory for me as far as wild food.

Come learn with me and start exploring your own area for wild foods!  

Black Spruce
Red Raspberry leaves
Rose Hips
Wild Cranberry (Lingonberry)
Wild Raspberry

Just a few thoughts before we start. In order for me not to worry about someone blaming me for getting sick off of herbs/berries/etc., I feel I must say the following:

  • Please only gather wild food if you know exactly what you are gathering! Some foods that are poisonous look very similar to ones that are edible.
  • Make sure to gather wild food that has not been sprayed with chemicals or around pollution. Examples would be roadsides that have been sprayed for weeds and by busy streets with lots of gas fumes.
  • Bear in mind that just because one part of the plant is edible does not make the entire plant edible. 
  • And finally, I am simply sharing my experiences with you. I am not a doctor but I have been called a witch doctor. Haha. As a joke. ANYWAY. I take no responsibility for any misuse of the information I have given you. Use your own judgement and your own research. Wild foods can be a fun way to eat healthy and enjoy God's beautiful creation. Treat it with respect. 
Thanks and have fun! I would love to hear what herbs/berries/food you have gathered in the wild!!!

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